How do I share my Get Gigs referral code?

Have other friends looking for work? You can easily share your Get Gigs referral code with them.

Follow these simple steps to locate and share your Get Gigs referral code:
  1. Find your referral code by viewing the Account Settings page in your worker Profile. To get here, tap profile in the bottom right, then tap Account Settings.
  2. Find your referral code and tap to copy it.
  3. Exit your Profile by pressing the back arrow in the top left.
  4. Tap the hamburger menu (the one with three lines) in the top left. Then tap Share and select Get Gigs.
  5. Choose your sharing method. We recommend SMS text or email.
  6. Send a message to each person you want to refer and make sure to include your referral code, which you can easily paste into your message. We recommend adding, “Don’t forget to use my referral code (insert your code) when you sign up!”
  7. Help them get familiar with the app, because the faster they complete three Shift Gigs, the faster you get paid!

Follow along as you watch the video below: