Can I block a worker?

You can block workers to prevent them from applying to or working your future Shift Gigs.

Requesters who use their Get Workers account in Business Mode to hire Shift Gig workers can now block workers to prevent them from interacting with their future Shift Gig posts.

As long as a Requester has engaged with a Shift Gig worker on a Gig, they will have the ability to block that worker. Once a worker is blocked, the worker will be removed from all upcoming Shifts and they will no longer be able to apply to that Requester's future Shifts.

Requesters can block workers via:

  • The Blocked Workers section of their Worker Groups within their Get Workers Profile
  • An in-app messaging conversation with the worker
  • Canceling a worker with a negative cancellation reason
  • The worker Rating & Review screen at the completion of their Shift
  • The worker details screen on a Shift at the completion of their Shift
  • A Shift Gig card on the Inactive tab

To add or remove workers from your Blocked Workers group or to manage any of your Worker Groups, please visit Worker Groups from your Get Workers Profile.