Can I hire and/or engage a GigSmart worker outside of the GigSmart platform?

Yes you can! This is a very popular feature. We've all spent $500 (or more) to advertise a position on a national job board and not hire anyone. GigSmart gives you the opportunity to meet great candidates via Shift Gigs and if you choose to do so, you can work with them outside of the platform.

Whether it be hiring a worker part-time or full-time as your employee or engaging with them as an independent contractor for a shift or two outside of the platform, both these scenarios are considered Direct Hires.

When you choose to engage with a worker outside of the GigSmart platform, you are responsible for notifying GigSmart and paying the $500 Direct Hire fee. Keep in mind, this fee applies regardless of the type or length of engagement. Think of it as a referral fee for introducing you to a great worker.

In the event you do not notify GigSmart within 15 days of hiring a GigSmart worker, you will be required to pay GigSmart $2,500 for each worker hired. It is important to contact us immediately if you are choosing to engage with a GigSmart worker outside of the platform.

For more information about our Direct Hire fee, click here.