Can I keep a Worker longer than the Gig End time?

Extend the end time of your Gig to ensure all work is completed.

Gigs will automatically end at the designated Gig end time. If the Worker needs more time to complete the Gig, you can extend the Gig end time (in 30-minute increments) as long as you do so before the original Gig end time. The additional time you add is merely an estimate, so you can safely add as much time as you want (up to 12 total hours). Once the Worker has finished working, you can select "End" on the Worker to calculate their timesheet, which displays their total time worked and total earnings.

If you forget to extend the Gig end time, you can modify Worker timesheets at the end of your Gig. Simply select “Edit Timesheet” to update the Gig start time or end time, or to add any unpaid breaks. Once you are satisfied with the Worker timesheet you can submit the Gig to finalize the Worker’s payment.