I need to cancel a Shift Gig I accepted. What is your cancellation policy?

Once you have accepted a Shift Gig, you should make every effort to arrive at the Gig site on time.

If circumstances require you to cancel the Shift Gig after you have accepted, it is very important to cancel ASAP to allow the Requester the opportunity to find a replacement.

We expect all of our workers to be reliable, communicate efficiently, and deliver excellent quality work as part of their use of the Get Gigs app.

To help keep workers accountable by reducing cancellations and no-shows, GigSmart utilizes a Warning Point System. Negative experiences can result in receiving warning points which can lead to removal from scheduled Gigs, restrictions from applying for future Shift Gigs, and potential removal from the platform.

For more information on our Warning Point system, visit our Worker Cancellation Policy page.