How do I complete Financial Verification for a Rapid Transfer?

In order to use Rapid Transfer to access the earnings in your Worker Wallet, you must complete financial verification.

Follow these steps to complete Financial Verification so you can access your Gig earnings:
  1. Go to your worker profile in the Get Gigs app and click on the start button in the verification box.
  2. Choose which Verification Opt-Ins you’d like to enroll in. Financial Verification is required. If you’d like to apply to work Verified Gigs requiring background checks and/or motor vehicle records (MVR) checks, you can sign up for those too. For more information about working verified Gigs, please click here.
  3. Enter your information. Review and agree to Stripe’s terms of service and privacy policy. Select Complete Enrollment.
  4. Congratulations! You have successfully opted into financial verification. You can go back to your Worker Wallet to initiate your Rapid Transfer once your financial verification status is clear.