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How do I add my education, training, and certifications?

Highlight your education, training, and certifications to differentiate yourself from other candidates. When adding your education, training, and certifications, we recommend:

  • Adding the highest level of education you have received
  • Adding relevant special training, like GigSmart’s COVID-19 Worker Safety Training
  • Adding special certifications or licenses you have receive like a TIPS certification or a PMP training

To add education, training, and certifications, first you will need to go to the profile screen, then select the education, training and certifications icon. 

Education 1

Next you can select plus (+) next to Education, Special Training, or Licenses.

Education 2

After you fill out all the line items and upload supporting documents, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the orange "Save Changes" button to update your Education, Certifications and Licenses.

Education 3