How do I apply to a Project Gig?

When applying to a Project Gig, you must submit a bid.

Bids can be submitted in one of three ways:

  • Hourly Rate Bid
    • Input the desired hourly pay rate and the amount of time you believe it will take you to complete the Project.
  • Flat Rate Bid
    • Input the flat amount you would like to be paid to complete the Project.
  • Request more information
    • Let the Requester know you’d like them to contact you so that you can gather more information to compile your bid.

Next, complete the optional Application Questionnaire to help your application stand out. Once you have applied, you can view the Project from the Applied tab of your app. 

If the Requester chooses to hire you, it will be up to you and them to finalize your bid, the Project timeline, and your payment details.

Please note: Project Gigs are completed at your own risk and GigSmart is not liable for any disputes around work completed, payment terms, or project timelines related to Project Gigs.