How do I apply to Posted Shift Gigs?

In order to be considered for a Shift Gig you must submit an application

Once you are in your desired Shift Gig posting

  • Select the "Apply" button after reading the Gig details
  • If you do not have the skills required for the gig in your profile, you will be prompted to add them. Make sure only to continue if you have experience in the skills needed to complete the Gig correctly.
  • If the Shift Gig you’re applying to has multiple shifts available you will be able to select which dates and times you would like to apply to by checking the boxes. 
  • Complete the Application Questionnaire to give the Requester further information on why you are the best fit for their Gig.
  • When you finish, submit your application. Next, the hiring manager will decide whether or not to make an offer to you. If you are offered the Gig, you will receive a notification on the Get Gigs app, an SMS message, and an email prompting you to reject or accept the offer in the Get Gigs App.
    • If you reject the offer, the hiring manager will receive a notification letting them know you are no longer available.
    • If you accept the offer, you’re confirming your availability to work the Gig, and the hiring manager will be notified. Once you accept the offer, you are officially hired, and you are expected to show up and complete the work requested at the Gig Start time.

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