How do I edit my Timesheet?

If your timesheet is pending approval or has been approved by the Requester who hired you, you can either make edits to your timesheet for their review before approving or submit a dispute for the Requester to review.

If your timesheet is pending approval you can submit an updated timesheet for Requester review by going to your Shift summary, select “Review Timesheet,” and then select “Edit Timesheet”.

Here you can edit your start, end, or break time(s). You can also remove yourself from the Shift if you were unable to make it.

Once you’ve finished editing your timesheet, click “Save Changes”.

You can review your changes and click “Submit Updated Timesheet” to submit them to the requester for approval.

Within 48 hours of your timesheet being approved, you can submit a Payment Dispute for the Requester to review directly through the app if your shift pay is inaccurate.

Reasons to submit a Pay Dispute:

  • My timesheet does not accurately reflect the hours I worked
  • My earnings do not include the tips I made

Please note that you can only submit one Payment Dispute to the Requester for each ended Shift. Once you have submitted your dispute, the Requester has up to two business days to respond. You will be notified when your Payment Dispute is updated and can see the final outcome directly in the app. If your Payment Dispute is approved, the additional Shift earnings will be available in your Worker Wallet!