How do I get paid for completing a Shift?

Shift payment occurs after the Requester approves your timesheet.

As soon as you complete your Shift and the Requester (the person who hires you) approves your timesheet, your earnings will show as a balance in your Get Gigs Worker Wallet. Requesters have up to three (3) full business days from time you complete a Gig to approve your worker timesheet.

The exact amount of time the Requester has to approve your timesheet will display in the Summary section of your Shift Receipt in the Get Gigs app.

If you haven’t already, you will need to add your bank account or debit card information so that your funds can be transferred to your preferred payment method. 

In order to get money from your Worker Wallet to your bank account, you have to initiate a transfer by choosing a transfer type. Once you’ve selected a transfer type, the funds will be deposited into your payment method on file, which usually takes 5 business days or less.