How does Smart Hire work?

Smart Hire will automatically send offers out to your best-matched applicants starting 72 hours before the Shift Gig start time and continue to make offers up until the shift is fully staffed (or 1 hour before the shift start time).

For ASAP shifts, Smart Hire will make offers up to an hour after the shift has been posted. There is no effort needed on your part for this process to take place.

Once your shift is fully staffed, all outstanding offers will be automatically rescinded so that you don’t need to worry about over-hiring.

If the number of workers you need changes after the gig has already been posted, you can edit the number of workers needed at any time within the app. If you want to reduce the number of workers needed for your shift you can do so. However, you will be responsible for canceling any excess workers already hired onto your shift.

Learn more about Smart Hire here.