The job finished earlier than expected. Can I send the Worker home early?

Only pay Workers for the time they spent working.

You are only required to pay the Worker for the actual time they spent working your Gig, so it is completely acceptable to send them home if they finish early. Both Workers and the Requesters can terminate the Gig at any time for any reason. 

If a Worker completes your task in less time than expected, or circumstances prevent the Gig from continuing, you can end the Gig. The Worker payment is always based off of the Worker's start and end time, not the Gig’s scheduled start and end time. 

In addition, once the Gig is completed, Requesters have the option to edit Worker time sheets to ensure the correct start time, end time, and any unpaid breaks are accounted for. Once you are satisfied with the Worker time sheet you can submit the Gig to finalize the Worker’s payment.