What details should I include in my Shift Gig?

The more information you provide, the better.

A clear and concise title and description help potential workers better understand what you are looking for. Use the Shift Gig description to tell the worker more detailed information such as what they should wear or what tools they should bring to your Shift Gig. 

Whenever possible, we recommend including the following items in your Shift Gig Description:

  • Any information that should be read prior to applying for the Shift Gig.
  • Any special/specific requirements; e.g. ability to lift a specific weight, ability to use specific technology, required dress code, etc.
  • What tools the worker should bring.
  • Any additional documentation the worker needs to provide when they arrive.
  • Information about how to find the Shift Gig location, parking information, etc.
  • The name of the person the worker should request upon arrival.

For more information see our user guide: How to Create and Post a Free Shift Gig in Get Workers