What is a Worker Group and why should I use one?

Worker Groups give you more control over how you source workers for your Shifts.

Worker Groups give you a way to create specific pools of workers based on your hiring needs. By default, you will always have the ability to add workers to your Favorited Workers group. In addition, you can create your own Groups to help assist you when it comes to sourcing specific types of workers for your Shifts.

Using Worker Groups gives you greater control over your hiring needs. As you start to build your own pool of Favorited Workers and add workers to your own Custom Worker Groups, it is our belief those workers will be more likely to complete repeat Shifts for your business. With more completed Shifts comes a better worker show rate as well as overall increased satisfaction from both you and the workers you are hiring.

To learn more about how you can use Worker Groups for your hiring needs, please see this blog post.