What is the difference between Standard Transfer and Rapid Transfer?

There are two different types of payment transfers offered in the Worker Wallet. You have to select a preferred method (bank account or debit card) and initiate a transfer from your Worker Wallet to your bank account, GigSmart will not automatically default to one transfer method.

Rapid Transfer
Payments transferred via Rapid Transfer are usually available within minutes. To process your payment faster, there is a 3% fee (with a $1.00 minimum) deducted from your gig earnings. The transfer speed varies by bank, but 99% of rapid transfers are available within an hour and the other 1% are usually available within a few hours to two business days, meaning you'll be able to access your funds faster.  Rapid Transfers are only available if you have a debit card listed as your payment method.

Standard Transfer
Payments transferred via Standard Transfer take approximately 2-5 business days. Standard Transfers work for both payment methods (bank account or debit card).