What is verification?

Verified Gigs are Shift Gigs that require Workers to pass background checks, motor vehicle records (MVR) checks, and/or drug screenings. In order to be hired for a Verified Shift Gig, you must opt-in to verification.

GigSmart uses a third party called Checkr to process worker background checks, MVR checks, and on-site drug screenings. Verified Shift Gigs require these check(s) to be run and cleared prior to being hired to the Shift Gig. We encourage you to opt into verification when creating your Get Gigs account. If you apply for a Verified Gig and have not provided your verification information to GigSmart, we will collect it at that time. Verification checks will not be run until you’re selected to work a Verified Gig.

To learn more about working Verified Gigs, click here.