Why does my Shift show pending timesheet approval?

The Requester needs to approve your timesheet.

Depending on when your Shift ends, the Requester has up to three (3) full business days to approve your timesheet. After your timesheet has been approved, or the three business days since your Shift ended have passed, your funds will be added to your Worker Wallet.

You will see a countdown of time remaining before the three day window ends in the Summary section of your Shift receipt in the Get Gigs app. 

For example, if your Shift ends at 3:10pm on Monday, the Requester has until 5pm local time on Wednesday to approve your timesheet. If your Shift clock ends at 5:55pm on Monday, the requester has until 5pm local time on Thursday to approve your timesheet.

Timesheets can be approved before the three full business days have passed. If no changes are made by the Requester, your timesheet will auto-approve once the three day time limit has been reached.

Pending Timesheet Approval has two statuses - Timesheet Review and Pending Payment.

  • Timesheet Review: This happens when you have not confirmed if your timesheet is accurate or submitted an edited timesheet yet. You only have 6 hours after the Shift ends to make edits to your timesheet. Once you have confirmed your timesheet OR submitted an edited timesheet, the shift will show as a new status: Pending Payment.
  • Pending Payment: This status means you are pending timesheet approval from the Requester.
If you go into the My Gigs tab in Get Gigs and select the "About Shift Gigs & Statuses" button, there is a modal with a Statuses tab with more information.