How can I adjust a worker's timesheet?

If you’ve already started the workers gig clock, you must pay the worker by their hourly rate. You can however adjust their total time worked, adjust their start time or end time, add breaks, or add additional payment. Check out this FAQ to learn more about how to edit worker timesheets.

If you have not started a workers time clock and the Gig is still upcoming, you can choose to start the clock to pay them an hourly rate, or you can choose to pay them a flat rate without a timesheet. See this FAQ to learn more about paying workers without timesheets.

If there is an issue with workers' timesheet or payment, they can submit a Payment Dispute within 24 hours after their Shift Gig Timesheet is approved. You will be notified via text message and push notification when a worker submits a dispute. Once a Payment Dispute is submitted by a worker you have one business day to review the dispute and either approve, reject or pay a different amount in the app.